My positions on a number of issues are defined by my experiences as an automotive industry business leader, wife, and expectant mother. I co-own and manage Vesco Oil Corporation, my family’s 3rd generation distributorship.  Our company employs over 200 people, and 90% of our business in based in Michigan. I have the unique perspective of a job creator, rather than that of a career politician.

I was also the Co-Chairman of the Donald J. Trump for President campaign in Michigan.  Along the campaign trail, I saw firsthand how Michigan voters were inspired by his message to “Make America Great Again” and to protect our jobs with America First policies.

  • I am a conservative.
  • I believe in the Constitution and will defend it against judicial activism by supporting the Rule of Law.
  • I believe in the 2nd amendment and will fight against any attempts to infringe on an individual’s right to bear arms.
  • I am a fiscal conservative who believes in reforming the tax code to spur job creation and economic growth.
  • I believe in strong immigration policies that defund sanctuary cities and support Building the Wall.
  • I am a staunch pro-Israel supporter and will implement policies to protect Israel and the American/Israeli relationship.
  • I believe in Equal Opportunity for all, especially in education choice, and will fight to improve our education system for all Americans.

I will inspire our state and our country with a positive vision of the future.  We can have an America that allows every person – regardless of background – the opportunity to succeed.  I will represent every Michigan citizen as we work tirelessly to unite behind our shared ideals of freedom, safety, and opportunity for our families. I support our President, because a successful American Presidency leads to a successful America.

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